Cancellation conditions

Cancellation Terms and Conditions – Group, Individual Clients

1. The client has the right to cancel the services or event ordered at any time. Cancellation must take place in writing and sufficiently in advance.

2. As the general compensation the hotel is entitled for an indemnification in the form of a cancellation fee determined as a percentage from the advance for services or event depending on the time period between the date of service or event cancellation and the planned start of service or event.

3. The hotel is entitled to charge the following cancellation fees to individual clients:

  • The client has the right to cancel the booking free of charge, if the confirmed booking is cancelled latest 48 hours before the planned arrival in writing. In this case the hotel sends back the payment for the accommodation and for the extra services, via bank transfer, on the bank account of the client.
  • If the client cancels the confirmed booking less than 48 hours before the planned arrival, the hotel has the right to charge 100 % from the first day of confirmed booking.

4. In the case of partial cancellation of services or event (e.g. less people, shorter stay or reduced services) by more than 30% of the total order value, the cancellation fee applies only to the difference between the original and new prices calculated after the consideration of the partial cancellation.

5. Unless the contracting parties agree otherwise, if changing the date of guaranteed booking the hotel is entitled to claim the cancellation fee determined as a percentage from the determined price of services or event depending on the period of time that lapsed between the date of date change and planned start of services or event, whereas to determine the amount of cancellation fees the provisions of the former paragraph of this article shall apply accordingly.

6. Change in guaranteed booking increasing the number of rooms, guests, period of stay and other required services without the change in the dates is not subject to cancellation fees.

7. If the hotel assumes the right for the cancellation fee, the hotel is obliged to send a notification to the client 14 days from the start of the claim for the cancellation fee with the calculation of the amount of such cancellation fee and its due date.

8. In special instances (illness, death, etc.) the hotel may waive of the claim for the cancellation fee, namely based on the supportable evidence about the serious reason of cancelling the stay or event.


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