Massages & Body Treatments

Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia
Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia
Open air massages
Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia
Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia
Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia
Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia
Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia



Massages with cooling and smoothing oils and hot stones represent the combination of cooling water and sun-warmed stones. The old herbal traditions combined with modern massage techniques guarantee flawless pleasure in the warmth of a simple touch.

Each treatment is like a soothing art that aims to make happiness and harmony rise from within, like a delightful awekening thanks to beneficial proprieties of essential oils and natural ingredients.


Relaxing & Uplifting Full Body Massage

The word massage – masse – comes from Greek. The physiological importance of massage was known by Herodikus, Democritos and Hippocrates, who claimed that a doctor needs to know many things, but above all should be a master of massage techniques. Ancient Greeks also made use of the advantages of sport massage, which was combined with various essential oils. Massage in medicine and physical education was also used by Romans, who often combined it with a scented bath.
Massage is considered to be a traditional form of treatment to release pain, improve blood circulation, recharge energy, and renew the mobility of tight and painful muscles. Moreover, it reduces pain in your back and crosses and reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage

Relaxation. Release. Peace. It is a relaxing massage which aims to loosen up neck, back and shoulder muscles. It is ideal for soothing the accumulated tension and for relaxing neck, back and shoulder muscles.

Lady Hyaluron Massage

A treatment for demanding women who wish for a beautiful, fresh and healthy looking skin and body. This full body massage is done with a cream containing coconut oil, hyaluronic  acid and collagen. It is a richly moisturizing body massage cream with special active substances. Its unique ingredients such as coconut, avocado, olive oil, hyaluronic acid and collagen hydrate and revitalize the skin effectively. After applying body cream with hyaluronic acid, the skin will be springy and firm! The massage is recommended for all skin types.

Bespoke Massage - Tailored to Your Needs

This massage is designed to meet your very own requirements. You choose the treatment duration and pressure, tailor the techniques, specify your tensed areas and our experts will mold your Amade Bespoke to relieve tension, stress and invirogate your body.


Anti-Cellulite Treatment

The Multi Target anti-cellulite treatment helps to eliminate cellulite, promotes elimination of fats and water, slows down their reappearance and firms the skin.
This unique therapy will firm and tone the targeted areas. It will also sculpt and contour the skin, giving a fantastic lift.
Particularly effective on stubborn cellulite, this treatment redefines the contours of the figure and leaves the skin firm and toned. Helps to break up fat deposits and speed up the process of detoxification for firmer skin.

Recommended once every months for best and lasting effect.


In case of an inquiry the treatments can be ordered via e-mail wellness [at], by phone + 421 (0) 31 590 38 67, + 421 (0)918 620 493 or personally at the wellness reception.