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Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia
Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia
Open air massages
Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia
Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia
Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia
Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia
Luxury boutique hotel Château Amade Slovakia


≈≈ Relaxing SPA package ≈≈

Enjoy our indulgent pairing of our two most requested services. If you want to pamper yourself with relaxation, this treatment is “spot on”. A relaxing full body massage with scented oil and our European facial skincare products help to cleanse and moisturise that will leave your skin glowing, radiant and rejuvenated.

≈≈ Hydrating SPA package ≈≈

Our ultimate body treatment combines a coco-licious body scrub which helps to remove the dead skin. Coconut is very rich and hydrating. It will leave your skin absolutely soft, silky, smooth and glowing. Whilst your stress and tension will have been massaged away with a heavenly scalp massage. And to finish with our facial skincare products will help to cleanse and moisture your skin to leave it with a glowing silky smooth.



≈≈ Amade signature massage ≈≈
  Bamboo massage provides a deep state of relaxation by choosing deeper layers of tight muscles, relieves aches, pain and improves blood circulation and gives a deeply relaxing feeling. This treatment especially works well for runners and cyclists experiencing tightness in their legs and feet. It is also a great benefit to anyone suffering from shortened massage.

≈≈ Relaxing massage ≈≈
The word massage – masse – comes from Greek. The physiological importance of massage was known by Herodikus, Democritos and Hippocrates, who claimed that a doctor needs to know many things, but above all should be a master of massage techniques. Ancient Greeks also made use of the advantages of sport massage, which was combined with various essential oils. Massage in medicine and physical education was also used by Romans, who often combined it with a scented bath. The ancient Greek doctor Claudius Gallenos invented various types of massages even for gladiators. One of the elements of Arabic massages was treading on one`s back. Asian countries put elements of Chinese medicine into the massage. Massage is considered to be a traditional form of treatment to release pain, improve blood circulation, recharge energy, and renew the mobility of tight and painful muscles. Moreover, it reduces pain in your back and crosses and reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

≈≈ Refreshing full body massage ≈≈
The massage will be intuitive, caring and healing. You will walk away feeling relief from tension with your muscles and leaving you in a state of relaxation and calmness. Refreshing massage is a great way to relieve stress, prevent tension and injury, enhance energy flow, ease fatigue and recharge the body and mind.

≈≈ Back massage ≈≈
The rubbing or kneading of the back aid the circulation, relax the muscle, eliminate the tension and relieve the stress. It helps to ease fatigue and to enhance the energy flow.

≈≈ Relaxing head and shoulder massage ≈≈
Do you often have a headache? Are you sitting in front of a computer screen all day long? The reason of your symptoms may be stress, overwork but also tight muscles surrounding the cervical spine. This head and shoulder massage releases tension in strained muscles, relieving pain and general fatigue. It reduces stress and migraine, releases the cervical spine and the muscles of neck and stimulates the equilibrium of the body and soul. Moreover, this sensual and deeply relaxing massage has beneficial effect on fatigue and insomnia.

≈≈ Relaxing head and leg massage ≈≈
We spend half our life on our legs trying to keep up with the rapid pace of our world. Take a breather and give your legs a little rest. Your feet also deserve to be spoiled from time to time. Treat yourself with a relaxing massage relieving pain in your back and whole body, caused by the stress and tension of everyday life. Reflexologyworks intensivelyagainst stress, depression and fatigueof the whole body, thushaving a significantcalming effectas the blood passes throughthe lower limbs. Effective circulationimprovesregeneration capacity of the body, whichhas positive effects onthefunctioning ofthe whole organism. This massage will pull you around!

≈≈ Firming hyaluronic acid massage for Ladies ≈≈
A treatmentforde mandingwomen whowish for abeautiful, fresh andhealthy lookingskinand body. This full body massage is done with a creamcontaining coconutoil, hyaluronic acidandcollagen. It is a richlymoisturizing bodymassage creamwith specialactive substances. Itsuniqueingredients such ascoconut,avocado, olive oil, hyaluronic acid and collagenhydrate andrevitalizethe skin effectively. Afterapplyingbody creamwith hyaluronic acid, the skin will be springyandfirm! The massage is recommended forall skin types.

≈≈ Hot stone massage ≈≈
Hot stone massage is a massage technique that uses heated stones to relax and massage sore muscles. The penetrating heat and weight of the stones are warm and help to release tense muscles so the therapist can work deeper.



≈≈ Magic points-headmassage ≈≈
This special massage technique is a real medicine for pain and tension in your head, neck or nape. It helps to get rid of fatigue, it clears the mind and relieves the body of the strain from everyday problems. During the massage the therapist gently pushes the acupuncture points and meridians of your body. Head massage should be part of your daily routine. 

≈≈ An Mo Chinese foot massage ≈≈
This technique has being used in Chinese medicine for more than 3000 years. Tha massage takes a physical effect on your organs and on the whole body. The therapist pushes the pressure points on the feet and legs. It helps to improve blood pressure, lymphatic system and the working of your organs.



≈≈ Massage for children „Sweet delight“ ≈≈
Children are thejoyof our lives. They deserve to bepampered. Indulgethem in a charmingmassagewithchocolatescentedoil, which causea pleasant feeling and a memorable experience for them. This special massage is also very popular among youngathletes! Our massagewith aromaticoilsdelightsevery child'sheart. Energizingchocolatebuttercontainsvaluablevitaminsandminerals for the skin. The massagecontributesto the harmonization of the child’s bodyandevokesunforgettablefeelings.

≈≈ Glittering nails for princesses ≈≈
At first we cover the feet and hands in a sweet-scented mask, then we give a hand and foot massage, after which the little princesses can choose from glittering nail polish. At the end we put a sweet lip gloss on the lips.  

≈≈ Fishing for goldfish ≈≈
A teamgame for min 2 players. The task is to catch all the goldfishes from the kid pool with a stick. The best fisher wins a sweet reward. 

≈≈ Clever little heads ≈≈
Relaxing head massage with nice music, which helps to reliese stress form everyday problems at school, dating or friendships.


In case of an inquiry the treatments can be ordered via e-mail wellness [at], by phone + 421 (0) 31 590 38 67, + 421 (0)918 620 493 or personally at the wellness reception.