The ritual of bathing has always played an important role in the Muslim religion. Prophet Mohamed strongly believed that cleanness could influence the human productivity in a positive way. Therefore he introduced the procedure of HAMMAM to be held on Friday which is the Muslims´ holy day. From the early beginning the traditional Turkish baths were designed separately for men and women and in accordance with old traditions the process of Hammam has never changed.

The ritual of this particular bath takes approximately 2 hours and the result is a newly revived body and soul.

A Turkish bath ritual starts with the perfect cleaning of body and soul in the whirlpool, which prepares the body for another part of the spa ritual: a steam bath. Steam bath helps open the skin pores and release the muscles. Relaxation continues on a marble stage in the middle of the Hammam. This steam bath and the marble stage being watered gives the 50 degree temperature and the humidity needed for an effective hammam treatment.  Avoiding a sudden shock, the organism gradually gets into contact with heat and the skin gradually gets softer and softer after spending 20 – 30 minutes in the steamy part of the Hammam. Then follows the peeling procedure by a specially invented peeling mitten called “kese”. After the old layer of the skin is peeled, the masseur employs a soap massage on the whole body.  A soap made of olive oil is foamed in a wooden tub and a linen bag is drenched into it. The linen bag filled with this fragrant foam is the masseur’s instrument to massage the body from head till toes, resulting in a silky soft skin and relaxed muscles.  The massage in this warm area influences the activity of internal organs and increases the effect of detoxification. A couple of minutes later the soap massage continues with an oily massage to preserve the moisture of your skin.

The special Turkish body and soul reviving treatment would not be traditional without Turkish tea and sweet baklava!

Hammam will let you return to everyday’s life brimming with energy and a feeling of cleanness − of both body and soul.


Hammam procedures

Vitality boost 60 minutes
Turkish bath, a body peeling through "kese" or turkish massage in soap foam, relaxation and enjoying Turkish tea.
Body awakening 90 minutes
A Turkish bath, body peeling through "kese", Turkish massage in soap foam, relaxation and enjoying Turkish tea.
Reviving soul 120 minutes
A Turkish bath, a body peeling through "kese", Turkish massage in soap foam, relaxation, aromatic relaxing oil body treatment and facial massage, enjoying Turkish tea.

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